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Ancestral Clearing

"I  have done A LOT of personal growth over the last 30 years. All sorts of  techniques, seminars and personal therapy of many kinds etc. 

The  ancestral clearing session I had with Sara took me to much deeper  levels of clearing that surprised and delighted me. The process is so  gentle and Sara is such an excellent guide, that she masterfully  provided me with the safety and unconditional acceptance to be able to  excavate and acknowledge some very profound feelings and beliefs that I  didn't even know were there!

The  huge benefit to working with her was that I experienced a real sense of  inner spaciousness and peace that felt so wonderfully healing and  complete. 

What  Sara offers is truly a gift in cleansing the spirit of old debris and I  highly recommend and encourage anyone wanting to go deeper to have a  session with her. I am looking forward to my next one!"

Anne H Stamatakis - Rocky Hill CT  Jan 2018

Ancestral Clearing

Thank  you so much Sara for the session we had this week, You changed my life!  Your skilled listening  presence allowed me to  make the right decision  going forward, it was a decision  that I have been struggling with for  months if not years... thank you.. You are a wonderful human being and I  am blessed to have you in my life

Butch Leiber - Phoenix  (Award Winning Realtor)  June 2017