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Ancestral Clearing

My meeting with Sara was spontaneous and unplanned , I happened to mention my aching shoulder pain, which I have had for over a decade. We were on a retreat and I was sleeping in a tent which caused my shoulder to be so painful I couldn't even raise my arm.

Sara heard this and immediately started work on me , I have never experienced this type of healing nor sought it , I was open but not expecting anything . 

After a short time I felt some changes in the area , it was like electricity pulses going through , and after only what seemed like minutes I could raise my arm again.

I slept it off and the next day I was so much better.

Since then,  6 months on, my shoulder has not troubled me since. This was a decade of on and off weakness I had in my shoulder. 

I can attest that Sara is kind, selfless , and genuinely caring , this is not just work for her, more like heart service . Thank you Sara.  Paul McGowan - Glasgow 

January 2020

Ancestral Clearing

I  was recently blessed with an amazing session from Sara, which I am  still feeling the shifts from. Having been a student and practitioner of  many types of healing work, I can tell you her work is a true  blessing. 

I wanted to work on the birth trauma in me and in my lineage. 

With her intuition, experience, compassion and open heart, she was the perfect choice and divinely navigated. 

Her  wonderful toolbox of bodywork, midwife experience, ancestral clearing  and presence in the session had me releasing not only from me, but in  and through my lineage in that genetic, energetic, throughout time and  space way,  that only truly gifted facilitators can provide. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Sara

Donna Smith Cherry Hill, New Jersey. August 2019

Ancestral Clearing

I  recently underwent a complete hip replacement surgery.  One of the  recommendations my Dr made was to wear compression socks to prevent  swelling and potential blood clotting. I would wear the socks for 3  days, take them off, then witness the bizarre swelling of my foot and  ankle until it was a big blob of puffy flesh.  On went the socks again  as my Dr’s warning resonated loudly.  I didn’t like wearing them but  there was no point in giving in to vanity over safety. 

About  eighteen days into post op recovery I received an AC session with Sara.  I have always benefited highly from her gentle & expert guidance in  accessing sensations, feelings and memories that have shed much light   on current situations where I have felt stuck or stymied. The feeling  of neutrality, inner space and a calm openness has always impressed me  after my sessions with Sara.  

This  time I received a wonderful and very tangible surprise. The day after  Sara and I connected, all of my ankle and foot swelling had subsided. I  mean it was completely gone. I kept looking down and was expecting to  see the puffiness return but I honestly feel like my body corrected this  internal imbalance as a result of our session. Needless to say I am  thrilled to have my legs and feet looking and feeling normal again.   Thank you dear Sara!  

Anne H Stamatakis - Rocky Hill CT  August 2019

Ancestral Clearing

“Speaking as a therapist working in a similar field to Sara, I am so pleased to have 

received  her work today. She very skillfully directed me, and I was able to  easily access my own feelings and body sensations, and memories, that  were tethering my 'problem.’

The  beautiful ancestral prayer was very intuitively worded by Sara, as she  named the difficult feelings and their sources I had been carrying all  my life, causing me to feel quite different by the end.

Thank you so much Sara.

Celia Jennings, Peterborough UK August 2019

Ancestral Clearing

Sara  is one of those very rare and extraordinary human beings who can  facilitate a deep, gentle and genuine healing. Through her wise and  compassionate listening she is able to get out of her own way  personally, thereby acting as the perfect conduit through which the  Divine can work and bring about the most powerful clearing. Her manner  is open, friendly, patient and warm. I recommend Sara Lucas with much  enthusiasm. 

Andy Stow, Basingstoke UK  June 2019

Ancestral Clearing

Thank you so much for my session on the phone the other day Sara.
I was instantly healed of my anger.  
Months ago a friend had sent me an email that hurt my feelings and angered me.
I have been extremely angry for two months and could not figure out how to forgive her.
After the session, I was able to email my friend, set up a phone conversation and have a wonderful chat.
I was in the present moment with no anger or judgment and was able to enjoy our friendship.
WOW - many thanks Sara.
Liah Holtzman    Scottsdale, AZ  June 2018